Our history started in Santa Giulietta in Frazione Castello, a small village situated in the heart of Oltrepò pavese, on the first Hillsides that is affaced on Po Valley, an area of great wine-growing vocation.

Here, since 1894, our ancestors, with few wineyards and a small cellar, began the wine-production. It was mainly sold in our areas and in Milan. Over the years the company grows, new wineyards is being purchased up to today’s surface of 16 ha. Since 2008, Alberto and Nicolò, the current owners, inherit the company. They work with the same passion as the grandparents Carlo, Cesare and the uncle Alessandro. In the same year they began the restoration and expansion of the winery, and the first line of bottled wines started. With the passion for work in the vineyard and in the cellar we have also received the love and respect for nature and our territories: for this reason we have decided to marry the philosophy of organic cultivation, eliminating fertilizers, diserbs, insecticides and every product by chemical origin.

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